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Infinity Base for O-Yoroi Pilot


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  • Hersteller: Luxumbra
  • Artikelnummer: LUX-00003
  • Zustand: Neuware, original verpackt


  • Infinity Base for O-Yoroi Pilot
  • Here, in Luxumbra, we are very conscious that you need top notch bases to show off your miniatures and give a final touch to your collection. That’s why we have created the base for the O-Yoroi, female pilot from the Japanese sectorial army, who doesn’t fear anything or anyone. We are very passionate about Infinity so we decided it was about time to give another perspective to this wargame and release a series of busts and miniatures to paint and collect based on the best characters of the game. If you’re an enthusiastic of the game and you love to collect and paint miniatures you will need this O-Yoroi base for your figure to be complete.
  • Our base for O-Yoroi it’s made in a high density cardboard. Besides having a great quality, you can also give a more stylized look to your figure and you can also paint it or add coverings to improve the aesthetics of your miniature and make it resemble the Infinity world.
  • Rounded base for O-Yoroi
  • Material: extremely resistant high density cardboard (MDF).
  • Size: 75 mm / 2.95 in.
  • Decorate the plinth as you wish and introduce your figure into Infinity world. Are you ready to give the final touch to your O-Yoroi Pilot?


  • 1 Infinity Base for O-Yoroi Pilot
  • Miniature not included!!!
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Art.-ID 6439
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Hersteller Luxumbra
Herstellungsland Deutschland
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