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Infinity Base for Ajax The Great


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  • Hersteller: Luxumbra
  • Artikelnummer: LUX-00004
  • Zustand: Neuware, original verpackt


  • Infinity Base for Ajax The Great
  • Our bases are made of high quality materials so you can give an impeccable look to your Ajax figure while you paint and decorate it as you like, making the figure look like the Infinity story. In addition, the base for Ajax The Great has the perfect size for the model so it fits perfectly and, if you are feeling like it, you can add the cover of your choice.
  • Rounded base for Ajax The Great.
  • Material: extremely resistant high density cardboard (MDF).
  • Size: 75 mm / 2.95 in.
  • Get the base for Ajax The Great, take out your brushes once again and get them back into the ranks of Aleph’s army!


  • 1 Infinity Base for Ajax The Great
  • Miniature not included!!!
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Art.-ID 6440
Zustand Neu
Altersfreigabe Ohne Altersbeschränkung
Hersteller Luxumbra
Herstellungsland Deutschland
Inhalt 1 Stück
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