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Infinity Silhouette Markers Pack Magenta Fluor (4)


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  • Hersteller: Customeeple
  • Artikelnummer: INF01020LT-MFMA
  • EAN-Nummer: 8435474900389
  • Zustand: Neuware, original verpackt


  • This Silhouettes are designed to check if a miniature is in sight in  Infinity the game. The complete pack brings 3 pieces to cover all the different possibilities (S1-S7) in 3 pieces
  • Silhouette 1 (S1-S2)
  • Silhouette 2 (S3-S5-S6)
  • Silhouette 1 (S4-S7)
  • Along with this pack we include an extra piece (SX) used when you remove the miniature from the game to place the Silhouette. Attach it to the miniature base and when removed there will be no doubt of the exact location where the miniature was. Say goodbye to shady moves. 
  • All the silhouettes include 1 units of the different plastic bases used in Infinity. You will need glue to attach them to the silhouettes. You can choose the colours of the acrylic pieces. Remember that If you are not sure about what colour choose for your pieces you can consult our materials page


  • 3x Infinity Silhouette Markers Pack Magenta Fluor
  • 1x Infinity Silhouette SX Location Marker
  • 3x Infinity different plastic bases
  • (Buildings and Miniatures not included!)

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