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Holographic Street Signs 1

Bandua Wargames

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  • Hersteller: Bandua Wargames
  • Artikelnummer: BAI000084
  • EAN-Nummer:
  • Maßstab: 28 mm - 32 mm
  • Zustand: Neuware, original verpackt


  • Terrain ready for battle! Fully prepainted and details that will give the necessary touch of life to any Infinity game table, or Sci-Fi in general. Just assemble and ready to play! Designed specifically for Infinity.
  • This pack contains 4 prepainted acrylate billboards with their supports also pre-painted. You will find 4 different illustrations from the Infinity world, from corporate ads, to news of terrorist attacks on the Human Sphere. All brackets, as well as acrylate panels are fully pre-painted and filled with incredible details. In addition, you will find 4 different bracklet that allow you to exchange the billboards to leave them simply leaning on the ground, or hanging from any building. These pieces are interchangeable and do not need to be attached to the signs, so you can set your table with them in different ways in each game!
  • Models supplied unassembled. Miniatures not included!


  • Holographic Street Signs 1 contains:
  • 4x Holographic Street Signs 1
  • 4x different illustrations
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Art.-ID 6473
Zustand Neu
Altersfreigabe Ohne Altersbeschränkung
Hersteller Bandua Wargames
Herstellungsland Deutschland
Inhalt 1 Stück
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