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World of Tanks Soviet T-34-85 Expansion (Englisch)

Gale Force Nine

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  • Hersteller: Gale Force Nine
  • Artikelnummer: WOT-37
  • EAN-Nummer: 9781947494831
  • Maßstab: 1:100 scale
  • Zustand: Neuware, original verpackt


  • World of Tanks Soviet T-34-85 Expansion (Englisch)
  • The Russian T-34-85 is a great all-rounder Medium tank with solid stats and Mobility 3, making it ideal for brawling it out with other tanks. Being a Medium Tank means it can re-roll a blank Attack die to ensure consistent damage. Keep the base Firepower 5 or pair it with the 122mm T-11 gun to give the T-34-85 High Explosive, this iconic tank is a force to be reckoned with on the tabletop.
  • (Not a complete Game - A copy of the World of Tanks Miniatures Game Starter Set is required to play.)


  • World of Tanks Soviet T-34-85 Expansion (Englisch) contains:
  • 1 Highly Detailed, Assembled, Pre-Painted Plastic Tank
  • 1 Tank Card in Englisch
  • 5 Upgrade Cards in Englisch
  • Online bonus code for new and existing players

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Hersteller Gale Force Nine
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