Wandregal für Tisch Werkbank (Wall Organizer)


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  • Hersteller: HobbyZone
  • Artikelnummer: HZ-WM2
  • Zustand: Neuware, original verpackt


  • Qualitativ hochwertige Hobby Ordnungssysteme von HobbyZone
  • Wall Organizer is designed for wall hanging. It is suitable for people with limited working area.
  • With its hanging ability Organizer is the ideal solution for people who, despite limited area, want to organize functional work space. It's ideal for people who deal with modeling, or other handcrafts where you need a large number of small precision tools and accessories. With wall organizer you will always have work area clean and everything you need will always be at hand.
  • The possibility of hanging is one of the options placing of organizer, it works well also as a standing organizer.
  • Main advantages of the workbench organizer:
  • few dozen of holes in different sizes for drill bits, brushes, files, knifes or chisels
  • two drawers for different accessories
  • large oblong drawer
  • large bay for paints sprays, etc.
  • two rollers for hanging pincers, pliers, clamps, tape, thread, etc.
  • long roller for hanging pincers, pliers, clamps, tape, thread, etc.
  • four side shelves
  • Wall Organizer does not include accessories and tools, pictures shows a sample of equipment.
  • The set consists perfectly fitting parts and installation instructions. Placing the whole set is not something complicated. For the combination of elements, you will need a small quantity of wood glue.


  • Wandregal für Tisch Werkbank (Wall Organizer) ca. B60,0 x H25,0 x T12,0 cm (inkl. Bauanleitung in Englisch und Polnisch)
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