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Mini Würfelturm (Dice Tower Mini)


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  • Hersteller: HobbyZone
  • Artikelnummer: HZ-DTS
  • Zustand: Neuware, original verpackt


  • Qualitativ hochwertiges Hobby Zubehör von HobbyZone
  • "Dice Tower" is the perfect solution to dices never fell off the table or not moved elements used in the game.
  • Mini versions can be made in a few moments.
  • It has three slipways so that you can be sure that the dices are well mixed before they fall to the base. Dice Tower can be use in all kinds of games where you are using dices such as: board games, battlefield or card.
  • You can make the Mini Dice Tower in seconds and easily fit it into a box with your favorite game.
  • The tower does not include dices.


  • Mini Würfelturm (Dice Tower Mini) ca. B9,0 x H10,5 x T14,0 cm
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Hersteller Hobbyzone
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