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Meng British Heavy Tank Mk.V Female 1/35


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  • Hersteller: Meng
  • Artikelnummer: TS-029
  • EAN-Nummer: 4897038551002
  • Zustand: Neuware, original verpackt


  • It’s usual to see brothers or sisters tanks fighting together - much more normal to see one type fighting alone in a single battle. So MENG has introduced the rest of the “family” to the line in the form of the “Female” Mk.V WWI tank in 35th scale. Actually the Female and Male combination fighting side-by-side like British Mk.V was more common than you would think because Mk.V has both female and male versions of this tank.
  • MK.V (female) used the same chassis, same power system and had similar appearance as Mk.V (male). Since the army needed battlefield break-through weapons and the tactics were limited at the time.
  • The Mk.V (female) was equipped with 6 Hotchkiss light machine guns, whereas the male Mk.V’s were equipped with larger main guns. This all machine gun tank was better suited to suppress and kill enemy infantry to back up the heavier assault version Mk.V male tanks. The Mk.V (female) helped the Allies win ultimate victory in WWI and showed great performance in Russian Civil War. MENG has already released a Mk.V “Male” tank kit in 2015. But this year we will see the release of the 1/35 British Heavy Tank Mk.V (female) model end of March of 2016. Many modellers have experienced the power of Mk.V male model, now it’s time to learn the charm of Mk.V female kit by its highlights as follow!
  • This 1/35 scale British Heavy Tank Mk.V Female model kit realistically replicates the tank’s riveted rhomboid hull. Two kinds of trench crossing devices are included; cement-free snap-fit workable tracks are easy to assemble; Sponsons of the Mk.V female tank are precisely represented, and they can be built in the combat or transport option.


  • British Heavy Tank Mk.V Female 1/35

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