Das Werk VK45.01(P) Rammtiger 1/35

Das Werk

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  • Hersteller: Das Werk Scale Models
  • Artikelnummer: DW35018
  • EAN-Nummer: 4260191520824
  • Zustand: Neuware, original verpackt


  • Das Werk VK45.01(P) Rammtiger 1/35
  • German WW2 demolition tank
  • Do you want to destroy an old diorama in proper style? Why not with our new Rammtiger? Our 1:35 scale model is the first plastic model of this vehicle of the German Wehrmacht during World War II.
  • The Rammtiger was a proposed conversion of the VK 45.01 (P) chassis (used for the Elefant and Ferdinand tankhunter) into a heavily armoured ramming vehicle.
  • 3 superstructures were completed but their fate is unknown as the project was cancelled in 1943.
  • Highly detailed static plastic model
  • One piece new superstructure hull
  • Workable suspension
  • Workable single track links
  • 4 color profiles and markings provided
  • No Figures are included
  • Das Werk cooperated with Amusing Hobby to realize this project.


  • Das Werk VK45.01(P) Rammtiger 1/35

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