Pinsel und Werkzeug Modul (Brushes and Tools Module) MWS


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  • Hersteller: HobbyZone
  • Artikelnummer: HZ-OM07A
  • Zustand: Neuware, original verpackt


  • Qualitativ hochwertige Hobby Ordnungssysteme von HobbyZone
  • Modular Workshop System = MWS
  • Organization of the workplace tailored to your needs. The main advantage of the System is practically unlimited upgradeability. Even after years, you will be able to make your workshop larger, using new modules that will fit perf
  • To connect modules use magnets that are included. Thanks to this solution, you can always change the configuration of the workshop according to your needs.
  • Note! The Module can be used only in the top row of the Modular Workshop System.
  • The Brushes and Tools Module has a lot of holes in different sizes for tools. It also has a built-in roller for hanging pincers, pliers, clamps, etc..
  • 10 x holes of 14 mm / 26 x holes of 10 mm / 81 x holes of 8 mm / 14 x holes of 3 mm
  • roller for hanging pincers, pliers, clamps, etc.
  • longitudinal recess for the unusual tools
  • The Module is designed to connect with other products of Modular Workshop System.
  • The set consists perfectly fitted parts and assembly instructions. For the assembly wood glue will be needed.
  • The Module does not include accessories, pictures just shows a sample of equipment.


  • Pinsel und Werkzeug Modul (Brushes and Tools Module) MWS ca. B30,0 x H15,0 x T15,0 cm (inkl. Bauanleitung)
  • Werkzeuge oder ähnliches nicht enthalten!
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