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BattleTech Mercenaries Paint Set

Catalyst Game Labs

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  • Hersteller: Catalyst Game Labs
  • Artikelnummer: CAT-35PS2
  • EAN-Nummer: 0810123696345
  • Zustand: Neuware, original verpackt


  • Dive into the universe of BattleTech, where futuristic mechanized combat brings intense strategy and high-octane thrills to tabletop gaming. The BattleTech Mercenaries Paint Set provides the perfect arsenal for those who live by the motto "Have mech, will travel." Whether you're a seasoned painter or a new recruit to the mercenary ranks, this paint set offers everything needed to bring your mercenary mechs to life with stunning detail and vibrancy.
  • Premium Quality Paints: Enjoy a selection of high-quality, water-based acrylic paints specifically chosen to create the most iconic looks of the BattleTech mercenary units.    
  • Wide Color Spectrum: The set includes a variety of colors, allowing for endless customization and creativity when detailing your miniatures.    
  • Perfect Consistency: These paints are formulated to offer excellent coverage and a smooth finish, ensuring your mechs look battle-ready.    
  • Easy-to-Use: Whether you're edge highlighting or layering, the set is designed for both beginners and veterans, making it accessible for all skill levels.    
  • Exclusive Guide: Comes with a detailed painting guide tailored for BattleTech miniatures, offering tips and techniques to make your mechs stand out on the battlefield.
  • Miniatures not includet!


  • BattleTech Mercenaries Paint Set includes:
  • (10 Acrylic Paints, 7 Speedpaints 2.0, 1 Metallic, 1 Wash, 1 Brush-on Primer , 1 Starterbrush)

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Hersteller Catalyst Game Labs
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