Battlefield in a Box Asteroids

Gale Force Nine

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  • Hersteller: Gale Force Nine
  • Artikelnummer: BB558
  • EAN-Nummer: 9420020223530
  • Zustand: Neuware, original verpackt


  • Battlefield in a Box is fully painted Terrain!
  • So you have a set of nicely painted miniatures, flying through space on a full colour printed space mat, why are your asteroids little cardboard tokens when they could be something much better? 
  • The GF9 set of Asteroids will turn any two dimensional gaming surface into something that looks as good as the miniatures you are putting on the table.
  • Suitable for use for all Space Tabletop Games.


  • Battlefield in a Box Asteroids include:
  • 5x Resting Asteroids
  • 3x Floating Asteroids
  • 3x Flight Stands
  • (Miniatures not included)

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