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Infinity Operation Blackwind Battle Pack (Englisch)

Corvus Belli

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  • Hersteller: Corvus Belli
  • Artikelnummer: OPBW
  • EAN-Nummer:
  • Maßstab: 28mm - 30 mm
  • Zustand: Neuware, original verpackt


  • Infinity Operation Blackwind enthält alles was du zum Start des Infinty Tabletop Skirmisher brauchst!
  • Everything you need to play Infinity CodeOne and dive into the rich Infinity universe in a box. Choose a Side! ALEPH or Haqqislam?
  • Operation: Blackwind Battle Pack:
  • The scope of the secret research at Darpan Xeno-station could endanger the whole Human Sphere. For that reason, the Steel Phalanx - the best troops of ALEPH - are responsable for guarding this xenotechnology research facility to prevent its secrets from falling into the wrong hands. However, to Haqqislam the best way to protect the fate of the humankind is to know every secret that can threaten the Sphere, and its Hassassin operatives can infiltrate anywhere, no matter who crosses their path. Tonight, a silent and deadly black wind will blow across the Darpan Xeno-station.
  • Operation Blackwind contains all the miniatures, rules, and scenery you need to play Infinity CodeOne and get into the rich Infinity universe.


  • Infinity Operation Blackwind Battle Pack (Englisch) beinhaltet:
  • Aleph: 3x Thorakites, 1x Ekdromos Hacker, 1x Agêma Marksman, 1x Hoplite, 1x Thyreos
  • Haqqislam: 3x Daylami, 1x Barid Hacker, 1x Lasiq, 1x Nadhir, 1x Bokhtar
  • Preorder Exclusive Miniatur: Pandora, Iatromantis of the Steel Phalanx
  • Englische Version!
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Art.-ID 17010
Zustand Neu
Altersfreigabe Ohne Altersbeschränkung
Hersteller Corvus Belli
Herstellungsland Deutschland
Inhalt 1 Stück
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